Quince has been released!

It’s that time of the year again! The Open edX Build/Test/Release working group is proud to present the latest major release of our favorite learning platform: Quince!

The release brings such improvements as Django 4.2 upgrade, new Learner Home Page, Copy and Past for Course Content, new Discussion Sidebar and much more.

Detailed release notes are available at Open edX Quince Release — Latest documentation (at the time of this announcement, the release notes are still being finalized but will be made available shortly). Thanks to @feoh and @pdpinch for preparing the notes!

You should also have a look at the Changelog from Tutor, to check all the nice changes that have landed since you last upgraded: tutor/CHANGELOG.md at master · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

Huge thanks to all members of the Build Test Release Group! Thanks to @jalondonot for coordinating the work, @Dean for managing the testing process, @mgmdi for being an outstanding bug hunter, @arbrandes for driving MFEs evolution, @magajh for security patching, @sambapete @Fayyaz_Ahmed @john_curricume @ghassan for testing the release, @kmccormick and @mtyaka for the huge support and for the improvements to the release process!

Special thanks to @regis and all Tutor maintainers for their hard work in streamlining the build and deploy process, ultimately making it all happen.

Now go upgrade your Open edX platforms and enjoy! :rocket:


And thank you @Maksim_Sokolskiy! Release day wasn’t exactly smooth sailing this time around, but you managed to steer it just fine. Congrats!

And from where I stand, @mgmdi deserves a special shout-out: I was impressed by how she stepped up to coordinate the issue board. Amazing work!