Quince master branches cut-off is coming

Dear Community Members,

Good traditions are great, so following the steps of @nedbat and using his structure I’m presenting you the working plan for the new Open edX named release.

We’re happy to announce that next week we are starting to work on the next Open edX named release - Quince! The release will be officially finished in early December.


:hammer: Working plan

We are planning to create “release branches” in about 45 repos. BTR will be creating open-release/quince.master branches in those repos on October 10th next week. The next two months will be focused on testing and fixing the release before December.

:bulb: What Should You Do?

If you have work that is in-flight, and needs to either land completely in Quince, or needs to wait until after the branches are cut, please let BTR know in the “wg-build-test-release” Slack channel, or by opening an issue for them.

:link: Useful Links:


UPDATE from 10/10/23: master branch cutting ceremony will be postponed due to py2neo issue.
Updates about changed schedule will be posted here.

Fixes have been implemented for edx-platform and Tutor: