PayPal and the Payment MFE

This may seem like a simple question, but I haven’t found a right answer yet.

We do not use PayPal. PayPal is nowhere in our config,yml or any of our plugins, but PayPal still displays on the Payment MFE.

Is there a way to remove it through some configuration?

I even went as far as removing it completely from the ecommerce configuration files in our fork, rebuilding ecommerce with our fork and it still shows up…

And yes, I removed it from ecommerce.site_configuration too.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

If you are using tutor-ecommerce plugin on top of tutor, then the plugin might be the source of your configuration (of course if you didn’t check it)
Otherwise it might be hardcoded in payment MFE and that would be very strange.

There is no reference to PayPal anywhere in my configuration for tutor and tutor-ecommerce.

Looking at the code for the Payment MFE, I believe it is hardcoded but I could be wrong because I do not see anything in the Payment MFE that would not load it. It is strange.

I asked the question again in #ecommerce in Slack.

@pshiu was gracious enough to answer me. Thanks Phil.

Correct. As of time of writing, this appears to be the way the <PaypalButton> is coded in frontend-app-payment:


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