Problem-builder submit button is deactivated with "Must complete previous step message"

Question likely for @braden or anyone else that might have run into this:

I’ve been working on installing and setting up problem-builder on a Hawthorne instance.

I’ve got it running in the course, but I cannot get rid of the “You need to complete the previous step before attempting this step” message and the submit button remains inactive:

It doesn’t seem like a settings issue. I’ve left mostly the defaults. Enforce Dependency is false, and Show Submit button is true.

The ‘the previous step’ link is trying to send me to a page that doesn’t exist:

Been playing with it for a while, all with no luck. Any help debugging would be appreciated!

I’m not sure what could be causing that. If you use your browser’s Inspect tool, are there any relevant JavaScript errors or CSS issues reported in the console?

Bingo! Compiling assets did the trick :man_facepalming:
Thanks @braden