Problem: Show Answer – Never

Why can the Staff/Instructor role not see the Show Answer button when the Show Answer state is set to Never? We’d like an ideal setup to never show the Show Answer button but always allow the Staff/instructor role to see the Show Answer button.

8.4. Working with Problem Components — Building and Running an edX Course documentation

This Never state for Show Answer indicates that “Learners and Staff will never be able to Show Answer .”

Is there a way to make this, so that, this Show Answer: Never state does show the answer to the Staff/Instructor roles when it is enabled? Seems like a lot of work for the Staff/Instructor role to have to go to the STAFF DEBUG INFO modal to locate the problem’s answer configuration.

Work Around
For now we’ve set these problems to Show Answer: Correct or Past Due to make this sort of work like we wanted. We don’t set a due date for the problem, so that, will never trigger the Show Answer to appear. Also, if the learner answers the problem correct then the Show Answer will appear; this is not ideal but it only shows them what they answered correct. Ideal would be to not show them the Show Answer button at all.

cc @jmakowski