How to hide "Show answers" button


I have an strange behaviour in here: I have configured my activity to show answers only when a user has completed the activity (“finished”, in both advanced settings and unit settings) but instead, the button is always displayed.

It only hides when i configure the “show answers” button to “never”.

UPDATE: When i preview the course, and click on “view as learner” button the behaviour is correct, but when i log in as that user and check the activity the button is always displayed.

Also, even if i am a learner type user (not staff, not superuser), i see the “view unit in studio” pink link, is this normal if i am a learner?

Why is this happening? Thanks :slight_smile:

The solution:
Change PREVIEW_LMS_BASE in both lms.yml and lms.env.json

If it does not work try changing them in the studio files too.