Problems with new changes in discovery documentation

Hi there,
Yesterday we had a thread in Slack about course discovery documentation’s Oauth2.0 settings.
I think changes from this PR are not accurate and have to be reviewd.

Problems I think I’ve found there:

  1. the document says:

A new OAuth 2.0 client can be created at http://localhost:18000/admin/oauth2_provider/application/

Obviously it’s not where an oauth2.0 client can be created. that page is for creating a new application.

  1. Steps for creating OAuth 2.0 client are not right. For example in step #1 it asks to Click the Add Application button!!! and in step #8 it asks to Select Authorization code as the authorization grant type which there is no such field there.

  2. If they are actually steps to create a new application and the title is wrong then what is the next block. I don’t think that we need 2 applications in LMS but no clients. plus that we have not URL in Add application form and some required fields are missed.

  3. at the end of the topic you can see:

Finally, copy the newly created Client ID and Client Secret values to Discovery’s settings
which ID&secret is meant here? we have created and copied 2

  1. there is an extra backtick ` there which caused formatting problem.

I know that these are changes in order to use credentials service.
So please forgive me if I misunderstood something.