Product Working Group - Shared Miro Board

One action item that came out of the first Product WG meeting was to create a shared brainstorming space to collect ideas for projects the WG might consider/prioritize.

We discussed: 1) Short-term projects: Low-hanging fruit with high ROI, fixes, projects to streamline, projects to lay product narrative foundation; and 2) Medium to Long-term projects: What we aspire to longer term.

The goal is to collect all ideas, starting with ideas that came up in the meeting, and continuing asynchronously until the next meeting.

Here is a shared Miro board to collect those ideas. Please feel free to add ideas - one idea per sticky note: Sign up | Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

The Board is not organized in any structured way, besides distinguishing between short and medium term. The goal now is to simply collect and document all ideas, and we will discuss at the next meeting on 5 July.

Please circulate!