Product Working Group - meeting time survey

Hello to everyone interested in the Product Working Group!

First, thanks to everyone who was able to attend the preliminary meet-up at Lisbon. For those who were not able to attend, no worries - we are just getting started :slight_smile: The notes from that meeting are available here for now, until we determine a more permanent home: Product WG Meeting notes 2022-04-29 - Google Docs

Second, we determined at the first meet up that - we need to determine the best time slot for regular, bi-weekly meetings. This is our first step :slight_smile: I’ve put together a survey and tried to keep it very simple, with slots that alternate with the other working group slots. Can everyone please check all the boxes for days that you would be able to attend? Absent objections, I think it may be easiest and most democratic to go with a simple majority?

Meeting time survey: Product WG meeting time - survey

Third, we have a Product slack channel up and running - please join! I’ll cross-post the survey there as well and we can continue chatting in real-time. #wg-open-edx-product-management


cc. @giovannicimolin ^^

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CC @Cassie :slight_smile:

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@ali_hugo FYI :slight_smile:

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Hi Jenna! Please note that the data WG has moved to Wednesdays 8am EST.