Proposal to close old / inactive PRs

Hi all! As I’ve started going through and triaging OSPRs, I’ve noticed a good chunk of PRs with no activity for 2+ years.

In speaking with the tCRIL team, we’re proposing to close these types of outdated PRs to declutter the space. We would label these PRs separately as “closed-inactivity” so it’s self-explanatory why they were closed, and they can be easily found and reopened if needed.

Please let us know if you have any feedback and / or concerns. Otherwise, we’ll plan to move on this if there’s no blockers.


Doing the GitHub search to find these pull requests it looks like there are 107 of them, and they are mostly authored by 2U (or ex-2U) people.

One tricky aspect of this: if we close a pull request by someone who had worked for edX, but has now left, the bot will label it as “open-source-contribution”. I don’t know if there are stats collectors that will mind the mis-labeling.