tCRIL is hiring a Serior Frontend Engineer!

Hi there!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, tCRIL wants to expand efforts in the frontend, and we’ve therefore started looking for a senior frontend developer that knows their way around the tech stack in MFEs. That is to say: Javascript, Webpack and React, with a good helping of Python and Django. (We are, after all, trying to port legacy Django frontend code.)

And much like all of us in the tCRIL engineering team, this developer will be working closely with the community, so we’re hoping to find someone that has experience participating in open source projects - not just using them! Of course, ideally they’d also have experience with Open edX itself: hence, this post.

This is a full-time position for a remote contractor, not exclusive to the US. There’s one caveat, though: while the team is remote-first, we do have daily stand-ups, and a significant amount of work is done synchronously. Applicants should thus be comfortable working on a timezone that overlaps with U.S. east coast business hours, give or take a few.

Here’s a link to the job posting, where you’ll find the official description. Feel free to share it! And if you’re interested, please fill this form to apply.

For questions (not applications!), you can reply here, get in touch with me (@arbrandes) or @sarina on Slack, or send an email to

Cheers, and thanks!