Py2neo installation failure: affects at least Ironwood and Juniper

Currently installing Ironwood and Juniper (and probably earlier versions) is broken, because the py2neo authors decided to remove the installable packages of the versions we were using.

The fix for master is here: fix: use github version of py2neo by fredsmith · Pull Request #27168 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub. This has been applied to Koa, but is not a simple cherry-pick onto older branches.

It would be a great service to the community to create pull requests for open-release/ironwood.master and open-release/juniper.master, and test that they are fixed. Anyone looking for a straightforward contribution to make?

I’ve just merged a pull request from @mlzc (thanks!) so I think Juniper is fixed, though it would be great if someone could confirm that.

The docker image build on juniper branch passed in our CI, so at least one should be able to install dependencies without any error. We haven’t deployed it yet, but it’s not likely going to break anything.

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During a few days, I will check the native installation for juniper.master and let you know about it. I’ll try to do it asap.

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congrats @nedbat @mlzc
Juniper.master installation worked for me.
thank you both

Ironwood.master has now been updated: Use github version of py2neo instead of PyPI by Arti3DPlayer · Pull Request #27377 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub thanks to @Artem_Hruzd.

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