Question about Course Import Feature

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question regarding the course import feature in the tools menu inside a course in studio.

What we do is that we export old courses from our edX instance and import it into new courses to re-use some parts of the old courses.

When we import a course the course display_name is overridden with the name of the exported old course.

Is there a way when we import a course not to override the name of the course we import the content into ? So that it keeps its name we set when we created the new course ?

I hope this makes sense don’t hesitate to ask me if I’m not clear enough.

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Have you tried unzipping the exported file? If I recall correctly, the course name can be set in two places, the root node, in course.xml, and in the policy.json file.

I don’t think this is a documented behavior, but i would try removing one or both of those keys, tar/gzip the file back up and import into studio.


Nice to join you I do aspects you notifications every day regarding thee training.

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that seemed like a great solution indeed, I tried removing all “display_name” keys everywhere I could find it but now when I import the course the course name becomes “empty”.


That’s disappointing.

Which release of open edX are you using?

I’m using the devstack version on the koa-master release from 3 months ago actually.

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