Readthedocs build failures (missing config or invalid build.os)

Readthedocs may have introduced new requirements for its builds. I’ve seen some recent failures with the error:

Problem in your project’s configuration. No default configuration file found at repository’s root. See Configuration file tutorial — Read the Docs user documentation

This can be resolved by adding a top-level .readthedocs.yml to your repo. However, if you take the one from the cookiecutter repo, or have had that one, you may also see the following error:

Problem in your project’s configuration. Invalid configuration option “build.os”: build not found

This requires a fix that is not yet in the cookie-cutter. An issue for this is here, including a fix: Readthedocs config template is broken · Issue #416 · openedx/edx-cookiecutters · GitHub.

We should get this cookiecutter template fixed, but that hasn’t happened yet, and yet more and more PRs are failing, so I am creating this issue in the meantime.

Thanks for pointing out the cookiecutter issue Robert, I have context and can fix that up so I’ll put up a PR.

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