Seeking new maintainer for cookiecutter-tutor-plugin

Hi folks. I’ve been the maintainer of cookiecutter-tutor-plugin, a template repository for Tutor plugins. The repo’s goals are:

  • provide plugin developers with the bare-bones scaffolding they need in order to make a plugin that can be installed and enabled (without having any affect);
  • provide helpful comments and commented-out sections which guide them towards adding common functionality to their plugin; and
  • serve as a supplement to the official plugin docs.

As of late, I haven’t had much time to focus on the repository. I can continue nominally maintaining it if I need to, but if there is someone with more time and interest and moving it forward, then I’m happy to pass hand of the reigns!

The reponsibilities, which I’ve ballparked at ~60hrs/year, are:

  • Triage and review PRs and issues (~2hrs/month).
  • Keep an eye on Tutor’s Changelog. If hooks are added or removed which would affect a “basic” Tutor plugin, then consider making updates to the cookiecutter. (~1hr/month).
  • At least once every named Open edX release, between the branch cut and the .1 tag:
    • use the cookiecutter to create a plugin. Ensure that the plugin can be installed and enabled in Tutor and that it works as expected. If it doesn’t work, fix it. If there are are deprecation warnings, resolve them. (~4hrs every 6 months)
    • run the cookiecutter’s make test script, and fix it if it fails (there is no CI currently).
  • Consider occasional improvements to the cookiecutter’s structure or docs. Currently there’s one open suggestion. (~4hrs/yr).

You can read more about the rights and responsibilities of Tutor maintainers here.

FYI @tutor-maintainers

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I would be honored to contribute to the cookiecutter-tutor-plugin project as its maintainer.


Thank you so much for your work on the cookiecutter repo Kyle! Your contributions have helped transform the repo from a messy bootstrapped project to a production-grade plugin cookiecutter. Emad, I’m happy to welcome you to the team :slight_smile: Thanks for volunteering! As a first order of business, you are tasked with updating the README and to indicate that you are the new maintainer.


With pleasure!

Thanks you for stepping up @Emad . Let me know if you need any help getting acquainted with the repo.

One piece of “black magic” that I want to make sure you’re aware of: There is a make test target in the root Makefile which you can run periodically to ensure that the cookiecutter makes a working plugin. This target actually un-comments all the triple-hash-prefixed lines in (the ones starting with ### ) before installing the plugin, ensuring that the commented-out code actually works. The triple-hash prefix is used to distinguish these example lines from the regular comments. If you add more commented-out example code to, I recommend prefixing them with ### and running make test in order to ensure that the example code works.

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep that in mind.