Roles in Open edX

Hi! Can somebody help me in explaining the differences between the staff and instructor role. Also can anyone let me know if there is any way in restricting the staffs accessing the courses created by another user with staff role. Thanks in advance

@Aravind_S you can read the document here: 11.1. Staffing — Building and Running an Open edX Course - Cypress Release documentation

Team members with the Admin role have access to all of the same options for running the course as team members with the Staff role. They can also complete these tasks.

  • Add and remove Staff.
  • Add and remove other Admins.
  • Add and remove Beta Testers.
  • Add and remove Discussion Admins, Discussion Moderators, and Discussion Community TAs.

In a course, instructor role is admin role.
In the whole system, there is a role called Staff, users who have this role can view/edit all courses created by any users.
If a user is a staff of a course but does not have a System Staff role then this user can only see courses created by himself/herself.

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