Question on Manage Enrollment from a Non-admin Perspective

What is the process like for managing enrollment track in Open edX from a Non-admin user perspective?

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Could you give some details about what you are trying to achieve? If you could provide more context, that would make it easier to reply, for example - What do you mean by “non-admin user perspective”? Is that a student? A staff with studio access but not course admin rights? Do you have specific requirements or steps in mind for your enrollment process, that you would like to be able to do with Open edX?

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The user is a course support staff who has instructor access to two Open edX courses. I am not sure if they have studio access to the courses. They would to know if there is any way for them to manage enrollment which can be helpful for their workflow in generating certificates.

So far, I provided the staff links to the following documentations. Not sure if there are any other documentations that may be of help.

Just got some additional clarification from the staff:
Thank you for this information. We are on the Ficus release, but the Cypress documents you sent are still applicable.

The question I am asking is “how do I change users between enrolments tracks” (see: )? On your end, you seem to be able to change the default, and retroactively enrolment tracks for users.

We would like the ability to change enrolment tracks for individual users. This will help us be able to target content and communications to relevant groups.

@CYWong The enrollment documentation for Ficus is available at:

For the question about changing the course mode/track, I’m not sure if there is an interface to do that currently, this might require manual changes in the database or through the Django admin.

Thanks, Xavier.

I tried looking into the live course’s settings as well as documentations, but didn’t see any where that the staff can change make changes to learners’ course mode. Think it’s safe to say there is no possible way for them to make this change without access to Django Admin interface (or possibly through database?).

I will mark your latest response as the solution.