Rotation for Core Contributor T-Shirts

Hi all,

As you might know, all new Core Contributors receive a cool “Crew” t shirt with their name and info:


Since the inception of the program (~Fall of 2021), OpenCraft has been covering the time and cost to design, print, and ship the Core Contributors t-shirts. At the beginning of the program, it was decided (discussed on a PR somewhere, which I couldn’t find) that we would rotate the organization handling the t-shirts on a yearly basis. It’s been close to two years now, so I feel it’s now time to rotate the responsibility.

So – who is up for taking over this responsibility for the coming year? : )

We’ve been using the website Printful to handle the task so far. It’s quite easy and convenient to use, and does international shipping very well. However, you can use the service of your choice. I’ll make sure to provide the SVG templates.


@Angie_Ruiz @Felipe would eduNEXT be up for taking the t-shirt rotation this year? :slight_smile: