Core contributor sprints - New checkin interface

Hi @Dean :smiley:

I heard that you’re running the Core Contributor checkins. I thought you might be interested in some of the work we’ve been doing Listaflow, the open source project @antoviaque shared higher up in this thread. @Fox_Piacenti is running the development portion, and I’m tackling the design.

With the closure of Friday steadily approaching, we’ve been extending Listaflow to include the functionality required for CC checkins and reports. You can check out the wireframes in Invision to see where we’re headed.

While the wireframes are being reviewed, I’ve started work on the UI design. My current challenge is trying to determine how the user can manage things like sharing, assigning users, archiving lists etc. The first option is to go with a sidebar (similar to the sidebar on GitLab issues):

However, I’m not crazy about the user experience of the GitLab sidebar; to me it feels strange selecting an icon in the closed sidebar, and then having all the options available when the sidebar opens up.

I prefer the second option with an “assignees” icon and hamburger menu in the top right.

However, I might change my mind as I lay out the other pages (this tends to happen!).

Anyway, I thought you might like to see what we’re busy with. Any ideas and thoughts welcome (that goes for everyone on this thread!) It’s always good to get some fresh eyes on a design. :eyes:


Just wanted to note that while there are a number of things we’re still working on, we do plan to have a working version live and in place by the first of the month. It will look like this:

The first sprint or two we’ll need to generate relevant reports manually. However between @ali_hugo 's design work and the continued development effort here, I’m expecting we’ll have the reports generating automatically soon. :slight_smile:

Next week I’d love to get all team members on board right after deployment-- I’ll need to look up the list of contributors so I can get everyone contacted and set up with a list.


Hi @Fox_Piacenti and @ali_hugo

This sounds great, and thank you for your massive effort.

This is the list of Core Contributors:

I have shared a Google Doc with both of you with the list of Core Contributors with their full names and email address so you can onboard them on the 1st of June, or whenever you’re ready. A MVP would be very welcome in the first week of June indeed, as the current sprint starts today 27 May 2022 and ends 10 June 2022.

Keep in mind that there are many more people signed up to the Friday check-ins that are NOT Core Contributors. In addition to this, the Marketing Group members want to be able to report/track their hours contributed.

@antoviaque @sarina @ehuthmacher @Fox_Piacenti @ali_hugo as it’s only formally required for Core Contributors to report their hours, it would be great to be able to track their submitted data without having to manually sift and sort through all the non-CC’s reported data. How could we achieve this whilst still allowing anyone to report their hours? Can “groups” be enabled in Listaflow? Groups might be: (a) Core Contributors, (b) Working Group X, (c) Working Group Y, (d) Other Members, et cetera.


Yes, we can enable groups in Listaflow. We already have the data structures to do this segmentation now, even if not all of the front-end interfaces have been written.

This is great! However I’m wondering if there’s a canonical listing of emails somewhere? It would make it easier to get the accounts created.


Great news on the groups feature.

Regarding the list of emails, I shared a Google Sheet with you earlier today, did you get it?

It has a canonical list of emails and full names of all Core Contributors.

Ah! Thanks. I don’t think I got the share notification, but this link works for me. I can get these users set up once we’ve gotten the deployment in :slight_smile:

Alright-- it was a tight squeeze, but thanks to some heroic efforts by @navin and @gabor we managed to get Listaflow deployed today!

You all should have gotten a notification inviting you to complete a check-in just a few minutes before I’ve posted this message. I think you might have already gotten a similar request from Friday since it’s set to run every other Wednesday as well, but I’m not sure.

If this isn’t the Wednesday you were supposed to fill in the form, let me know and I’ll adjust the interval dates.

If you guys head over to you’ll be able to do a password reset on your email address you use for your Core Committer work and sign in to complete your first checklist. This is the first production use of Listaflow, so we’re hungry for feedback. Please let me know how you like it, and if it gives you any trouble!

One note-- the Google Authentication button is not currently working for anyone outside of OpenCraft-- we’re chasing down why.

@Dean Since Friday is going down in another couple of days, I’d recommend you (or whoever has the best access) download all data you can from the site for archival. Later we can stitch all reports back together. :slight_smile:


Well done @navin and @gabor! :trophy: And thanks for making sure this all happens @Fox_Piacenti

We should receive the form next Wednesday, not today.


Got it! You can fill in the list you got today just to play around, then, if you like. A new one will be issued next Wednesday :slight_smile:

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Wicked cool! So glad to see this shipped, and iterating. It looks so good @ali_hugo @navin @gabor @Fox_Piacenti !


  1. :+1: It works! I logged in, submitted a checklist, and now it’s in “My lists”, exactly as I submitted it! Fantastic.

  2. :-1: I thought I only submitted the form once, but now I have two items in “My lists”? Maybe I’m mistaken. But it would be nice to be able to remove unsubmitted items from that list.

  3. :+1: Great that I can see (and update) what I submitted previously! That’s something was missing, it was always so mysterious about locating check-ins.

  4. :-1: I found it very difficult to tell what my selected rating was.
    I get that there’s outlines added, but they’re really subtle, and it’s hardest to see when I’ve selected the full 5. The hover setting was much clearer:

    …than the non-hover:

  5. :-1: a11y: I can’t select my rating with my keyboard only.

  6. :+1: :+1: OMG the text boxes are BEAUTIFUL… “markdown supported” text with links is clear and perfectly positioned, and the textbox is expandable and previewable and accessible and everything I want from a text box!

  7. :-1: This question should have a short answer field, and filter out anything that isn’t a number:


@Fox_Piacenti @ali_hugo @jill @navin @gabor @antoviaque @sarina

Please find a link to a folder containing the Friday App backup data:


I have similar feedback like @jill speically this point

And I think each time a user click on ‘Use Tempalte’ button it will create a new checklist, I think beside having a remove button, it would be more logical to indicate that on clicking use tempalte, it will create a new chicklist.

Also I have another technical note, but I don’t its of high important at this time:
When filling a task of type textarea_markdown, on each key click the client(React APP) would send a PATCH request to the server, which is clearly to save the draft.
My note is that would send too many requests, and would be a scaling issue. I don’t really know of a simple way about this, without making the app more complex. But again this might not be an issue for now but its important for scale.

Thank you for work, it looks really nice and most importantly shall do the job.


So, there is a point of confusion here-- since we are still crafting the final templates library page, everyone can see the library and create a checklist from a template. However, the checklist you need to fill out is autogenerated. It already existed before you logged in the first time-- and should have been linked to you in an email. I’ll file a ticket to make the template page the secondary page so it’s less likely folks will do this by mistake while we wait on the revised library/listing page designs to be finalized and implemented.

I’ve got a ticket in for this one already. We’ll get it fixed!

It should be happening at a debounced rate-- I think once every quarter second of inactivity or so. Since we’re using Providence’s patcher system, it wouldn’t be difficult to increase that value or even make it configurable.

@jill I’m going to roll up the other items in your list into a new ticket and get it assigned. :slight_smile:

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@jill Thanks for taking the time to out together this feedback. It helps BIG TIME!

Good news :tada:. @navin did a great job of putting together the index page for templates without the UI design in place. I’ll be starting the UI design soon. Here’s a pic of the wireframe it will be based on:

This is nice feedback!

This is useful to hear. I have a feeling that we’ll need to up the contrast/difference on a few of the components and their various states. The style guide is already quite outdated; I’ll need to do a mini overhaul on it when time allows. (Sorry devs :grimacing:!)

I also noticed an issue with how I had designed the rating field. I think only the number the user selected should be highlighted, as opposed to highlighting all the preceding numbers as well. I feel it more accurately reflects the user’s answer. So something like the below (with better contrast based on your suggestion above):

Thanks for mentioning this. On a related note, I need to go back and design the focus states for all relevant components (I seldom navigate with my keyboard so I totally overlooked this in the style guide).

YAY!!! :smile:

@Fox_Piacenti picked this up already and asked me to design a number field. What do you think of something like this?

P.s. This number field is another example of contrast that needs to be increased; the colour of the placeholder and the value are way too similar. Same goes for the disabled view of the “-” (before the user has added a value).

Thank you again for the feedback! It was super helpful :sunflower:


@sarina brought up a good point about the CC sprint retrospectives: there should be a date somewhere to indicate which date range the survey covers. Perhaps for now we could just add it in the description text below the list’s title (above “X of X tasks complete”).

So something like the below. What do you think @Fox_Piacenti? If you agree, I’ll add it to our list of post launch improvements.

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@ali_hugo Yes, let’s add it!

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@Fox_Piacenti @Ali @navin @gabor @Dean Great work on this migration! The interface looks great, and it feels like a good upgrade over the previous tool. :tada: Which is a good sign for a first beta :slight_smile:

Kudos for the great feedback @jill – it’s well put and I agree with all of it. That’s exactly the type of insights that come from usage that are important to figure out now, to help with the migration.

I would +1 allowing to remove/delete checklists that haven’t been submitted - I currently have 3 of those in my list of checklists, only one of which needed to be submitted today:

Also, is there a place where we can see/download all the answers, from all submissions of a specific sprint?

NB: Since this thread’s topic was moving away from the core sprints improvement survey, I’ve split out the discussion about the core sprints check-ins tool to its own separate thread.

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@antoviaque @ali_hugo @Fox_Piacenti

All Core Contributors would have received an email from Listaflow yesterday Wednesday 8 June, which was good and I have since filled in the survey/checklist.

However, we have not yet informed the Core Contributors of this new change, so I plan to email everyone tomorrow about this change and explain Listaflow a bit. At the same time I will request that they fill it in by Monday latest. If anyone has input regarding this idea, just let me know before tomorrow please. I will send the draft email to you three before sending it out. :slight_smile:


Ah! I thought the email you sent out yesterday was for all the committers. The only concern I have here is that if there are people who need to have the list submitted by Monday instead of today then we’ll have to get the data for you on Tuesday and then you’ll be able to post the results either then or on Wednesday. Is that alright? Right now @navin is slated to do the compilation early Monday but submissions will still be going on then, I need to let him know.

Not yet, but we’re working on it. For the moment we’re doing manual exports and we’ll be adding on the ability to see the reports soon.

We’ve got a new checklist listing page on the way, but I’m not sure if it handles this case. @ali_hugo could you make sure there’s an option for this in the UI design? We would probably want to constrain it to checklists manually created rather than those in runs.