Core Contributor Nomination: Michelle Philbrick

Hey All, We recently added a new role that we have a need for on the project: A Community Contribution Project Manager

I’d like to nominate @Michelle_Philbrick for this new role.

Historically, this has been the work that @nberdnikov has been doing but as she is moving onto the other projects at 2U, it made sense to codify this valuable effort as a core contributor role.

I believe this experience of doing the hard work to connect the various parties in the Open edX ecosystem makes Michelle very well suited to also take on the work of being a Community Contribution Project Manager.

We’ll set the review to 2 weeks, so please cast your votes before Oct 14th


I have seen her name and her contributions to Open edX over the years, therefore I vote yes.

@feanil Thank you for this, it’s great to get an opportunity to interact with you more @Michelle_Philbrick ! Definitely +1 for your involvement in this, you would do an awesome core contributor. :slight_smile:

Btw I had also suggested @itsjeyd for the role of contribution project manager – would some of these responsibilities be shared with him?

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:+1: from me too, welcome to tCRIL @Michelle_Philbrick ! How many hours / month do you plan to put towards this role?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a massive THANK YOU to @nberdnikov for all your help with channeling the necessary attention to our OSPRs over the years! Without you, we never would have been able to complete the contributions which ultimately brought the CC program into existence. :love_letter:


Hey @antoviaque do you mind if we take this particular conversation out of the nomination thread? In short, we need someone in this role ASAP since Natalia is no longer performing it and we are separately talking with Tim about his availability to be involved.


I’ve been working with Michelle for a few years, and have been impressed with her ability to keep everything hyperorganized - a valuable trait in a project manager. She’s worked extensively with the community and has a lot of context as to who is who and which projects are which.

In short - a :+1: from me!

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Thank you, Jill! :face_holding_back_tears:

Hi @jill!

It will likely be around 20+ hours a month (more if necessary), especially as we hone and document the process a bit more. @nberdnikov set a high bar–big shoes to fill!

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I have had some projects in common with @Michelle_Philbrick in the past and they were indeed very organized. I’m very happy to see her as part of the CC group. I vote yes.

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YES! @Michelle_Philbrick is super organised and a pleasure to work with. She has my vote. :100:

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I’ve worked with Michelle I’ve had a pleasant experience. That’s a yes from me.

I fully support @Michelle_Philbrick’s nomination :smiley: :+1: I’ve worked with her on different projects, and I can testify to her great project management and organizational skills.

:+1: from me. I had a chance to work with Michelle on BD projects some time ago. It was impressive how she kept track of numerous contexts while making everything organized and easily accessible to everyone.

Thanks for the input everyone, based on this Input, I’m pleased to welcome @Michelle_Philbrick as our first Community Contribution Project Manager!

@Michelle_Philbrick you can go through the on-boarding process outlined here:


Thank you! I’m excited to get to work!