Run tutor lms and cms under different ports

Dear Open edX operators,

I installed tutor with docker on a local server with Ubuntu 20.04.

By default the LMS and CMS run under the same HTTPS port (443). Would it be possible to run the LMS and CMS under the same local IP address but different ports with caddy?

For example:

Thank you in advance for your help.

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There is no way to achieve this out of the box. It would require extensive changes to the configuration of many apps, as the LMS and CMS hostnames would have to include a :port. I would recommend against is.

Dear @regis thanks for your reply.

So there is no other way to split the LMS from the CMS? Would it be possible to run the LMS and the CMS on the same server but under different IPs?

We are very concerned about access to the CMS in production.

Many thanks.

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Hmmmm :thinking: I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that. There are different ways to “split” the LMS and the CMS, but I don’t know what to recommend because I don’t know your use case.

Do you mean that you are concerned that students would access the CMS? If you could assign a different port to the CMS, how would that help resolve your issue?

I work as a system administrator at a university. So we have 2 networks, the public network and the intranet of the university.

For security reasons I would like to allow access to the LMS from the public network but the CMS should be accessible only from the intranet.

My problem is that the firewall filters access by port or IP address. If I allow https access to port 443 for the LMS, the CMS is automatically allowed access because it runs under the same public IP and same port.