Running LMS and STUDIO database Migrations / Ironwood / Devstack installation


I´m having some trouble to understand how to make a database migration as this doc tells me to:

I created a file using:

nano /etc/tmpfiles.d/temp.conf

And added to the file:

#Type Path Mode UID GID Age
d /tmp/certificates 0755 www-data www-data -

But now i have to run migrations for my LMS and STUDIO services…How can i do that?

I guess i´ll have to enter lms and studio shell using

make lms-shell or make studio-shell

But i dont know how to really run this migrations.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I tried paver update_db in both studio-shell and lms-shell.

Can anyone confirm that this is in fact the solution?

Hi @Xperez, yes paver update_db is the expected command to run migrations. If you’re using the devstack, the Makefile contains targets to run migrations (update-db and friends) without requiring entering the lms or studio shells.

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This was really helpful, thanks a lot for your guidance :slight_smile:

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