Safari and Tutor misbehaving?

We recently upgraded from Koa Native to Nutmeg Tutor.

One of the most frequent problems our users are encountering since the upgrade is that some of them can’t login to the platform or receive a valid link for password reset. They all seem to be using Safari.

Unfortunately, I do use a Mac at home and at work, and I have absolutely no problem using Safari with our Open edX instance.

Has anyone encountered that behaviour?

We generally recommend that they clear their cache or cookies. And even use a different browser.

Any other suggestions?

The password reset link should definitely be valid. Do you mean that users do not receive an email? If they do receive the email, is the link valid in a different browser? If yes, do the users see errors in the javascript console?

The link is valid. They did receive the email. It just complains that the link is invalid. I am suspecting the “session” problem that was previously identified. I will ask my email support team to ask them to look for errors in the javascript console. But beware, we’re talking end users who may not be familiar with the javascript console. Not all users are created equals or have the same technological proficiency.

When asked to use a different browser, like Chrome, they do not have any issues.

I tested it myself with Safari on MacOS Ventura 13.2. No problem on my side.

I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, but I suspect that it could be a Safari Mobile issue because the tracking logs are showing the use of Safari Mobile for the users reporting the problem.

Some of them are unable to access the login page. Even when not requesting a password reset.

When migrating from Koa Native to Nutmeg Tutor, their browsers simply went out of support by Open edX.

I was able to reproduce the issue on an iPad 3rd Generation that was collecting dust at home. Stuck at iOS 9.3.5, it cannot be upgraded. Safari, Chrome and Firefox cannot be upgraded either. I can access our instance without a problem, but when I choose to login, it switches to a different page and I get a blank page. It doesn’t ask me for a username or a password. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just the header of the page. It is a client-side issue. They will unfortunately need to update… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Of course, there are nothing in the logs because the user was never asked for login credentials.

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