SAML Connection Timed Out

I’ve configured my Open edX instance as a Service Provider and linked it to a platform called Channeltivity as Identity Provider. Everything looks fine and the logs in Channeltivity are ok but when I try to log in I´m getting “The connection has timed out” on the Open edX side. So it seems like something isn´t responding.

Has anyone had this issue? Or do you know what might be causing it?
I don´t know how to troubleshoot this

Have you checked if the metadata url of the Identity provider and of your open edX instance is reachable? Are they correctly configured?

I was just wondering if that could be the problem. I’m no longer having the timed out problem but when I go to the open edx metadata at {your LMS URL}/auth/saml/metadata.xml I’m just seeing “Invalid_xml” in the browser window. I should be able to see an xml file just as I do for the Identity providers metadata URL right?

Yes you should see an xml file. Perhaps check the logs for some errors? It appears the issue is in your edX instance.