Setting default advanced_modules (xblocks)

Hello everyone, I want to set the default value for advanced_modules without changing the source code. I need to add a couple of xblocks there so that I don’t have to enter them when creating each course.

Maybe there is some kind of configuration or some kind of workaround?

@Tologon_Omurzakov I think you can use ADVANCED_PROBLEM_TYPES setting to define a list of xblocks which will be available under Advanced tab when you click Problem button while adding a new component in a unit.


@Zia_Fazal thanks a lot, great solution! I didn’t even know that xblock would work without adding it to advanced_modules. This is very useful knowledge.

Hello @Zia_Fazal, you helped me a lot. However, I just now noticed that in LMS the frame window is very small, I tried to change the settings, googled, but I did not find anything useful. Maybe you have come across this? We use Lilac Release.

It is important to note that if you connect the component via “advanced_modules” and then via the “Advanced” component type, then everything works fine.

Studio (everything is fine):

LMS (small window):

Update: I always have a small frame window in my devstack (Koa), whether through “Advanced” or through “Problems”.

@Tologon_Omurzakov Did you try setting these dimension related settings of your LTI consumer xblock?

Yes, I tried it, it doesn’t help. The current size of the iframe is the default size of 304x154.