How to setup studio (Self managed)?


I am having issues configuring the CMS part of EDX. I understand that LMS host and Studio host must either be the same hostname (on different ports), or Studio must be a subdomain of the LMS.

I am using JUNIPER 3. I choosed the second option.

Therefore, my config.yml may look like this :
EDXAPP_CMS_BASE: “studio.edx-MYDOMAIN.local”

I have installed it on a local test platform so basically to resolve my domains, it relies on my hosts file (/etc/hosts).

However, the resolution doesn’t seem to work.
If I specify the 18010 port in the address bar, it can land on STUDIO /CMS part. But it is not working well. It loops on the studio signin page.

Another go was to comment out the port section in /edx/app/nginx/sites-available/cms, but I got the same result as above. I tried to make a symlink to a potential /edx/app/nginx/sites-enabled/ but no luck, at the begining the sub domain is resolved, and then it loops on the signing page…

Can somebody help please ?

Try to add these two lines to your config.yml too:


and reinstall or use /edx/bin/update to reconfigure services.

I tried to put those lines in my config.yml and then call `/edx/bin/update platform etc master’ but I doesn’t want to update.

I tried to comment out the nginx conf file with #18010, but still the same result.
I hadd a look on the cookie session stuffs but it seems ok.

It has to be possible by changing port number from nginx virtual host block. don’t comment out the line. change the number to 80 and restart nginx service.