So long‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

My time at 2U/edX has come to an end, so I’ll be moving away from the Open edX world. I’ve loved my years here. I know you will all carry on the mission and continue educating the world. Everything is in good hands.

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From the time you welcomed me at the 2013 Datajam, to guiding my PRs land in master to teaching me how to juggle at several conferences and all the in-betweens. Thank you for everything.


@nedbat ,
Your contributions to our community over the past years have been invaluable in nurturing its growth. Your presence and dedication will forever be in our memory, and your impact is deeply valued. As you embark on your next challenge, I wish you fulfillment and rewards. Thank you for everything.


Oh @nedbat , it’s not going to be the same here without you!

Thank you for being a kind and knowledgeable guiding hand for Open edX. Thank you for everything.


God bless you abundantly in all that concerns you dear @nedbat !

You will be missed a lot!

May Go’s perfect will for your life prevail in everything!

Our deep gratitude for your great contributions to this community and being a channel of blessings to many around the world!

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Thank you so much for everything you did! This Open edX journey might be ending in an unhappy way for you, but you can be proud of everything you achieved. Your contributions, your insights, and just you being yourself have had a huge impact on me, personally. “What would Ned do?” is what I’m asking when I’m facing an issue – and not just on technical matters, but life choices, too. You are my rubber duck debugger. And I know this sounded much better in my head, but I really mean it in a good way. Seriously.


ohoh. eventually, i missed my opportunity to learn how to juggle from you. each conference I was like “Never mind, next time”. ok, lesson learned - never postpone important things.

thanks for being with us and all the best in the “new” life!


This Community owes you a lot. You were a mentor to so many! Thank you for your guidance, your benevolence, and your no-bullsh*t approach (my personal favorite). All the best for your future projects, and I hope we cross paths again :v:.


@nedbat Thanks for everything you have done for Open edX, and for so many of us! I will certainly always remember how you have opened the door of the project when I arrived - like @Felipe I was amazed to discover the community you and other were building, and how welcoming you were.

You can’t really ever really leave the project - a part of you will still live in the project. :slight_smile: Please come back from time to time to visit!


Ned! It’s been a while since I was at edX (NedX ha!) but I just wanted to pop in and say that your presence will be missed, and the Open edX community will be less without you. I learned a lot from working with you, and I wish I had listened to you more :wink:

Your passion and commitment are without parallel, and your community focus made such a difference. You made Open edX work. I don’t know how they’ll get along without you, but that’s now officially their problem, not yours. Much luck and love.



Thank you very much for all Ned and the best in your next endeavour.

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@nedbat When I attended the first Open EdX conference (2016!), you were the first people on stage to welcome and introduce everyone. It was the moment when I thought this is the community I want to be in, you had the role of guiding us everywhere with a professional but friendly approach. This is you and we will miss you, we had to learn a lot about equality, respect and values of working together. As we learn, we will try to use your guidance as a model for all newcomers and professionals in this community. Thank you for being the perfect mentor for me! I personally wish you all the best for your next steps. Stefania Trabucchi

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@nedbat I’ve tagged you for trivial issues when I was starting out, I’ve seen new people tag you throughout these years and I’ve never seen a rude reply from you.
Always learned a lot from you. Thank you for all you’ve done.
It won’t be the same without you.

Good luck.

@nedbat we will miss you!!
Infinite gratitude to you for your contributions and support to all of us.

Best wishes for your future @nedbat. You helped us out when we asked for assistance many times! It was nice getting to know you briefly on Slack and at EdX conferences.