I'm Departing 2U

Hi all,
After three-ish years at 2U, it is time for me to make my next step. I’ve appreciated all I’ve learned from all the members of the community and for your genuine pursuit of a world easier to learn in. I’ll be leaving 2U on 6/6/24. I’ll note that this is a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m excited for the future and happy to be building on the experiences I have had with Openedx, from warrooms to Lisbon. I will likely be less involved in the openedx ecosystem, but connect with me on the openedx slack! Please refer to 2U TNL with any

Please ask any and all questions you might have of me in my AMAs here:



It was a pleasure meeting you in Lisbon, Connor. Thank you for what you’ve brought to this Community. I wish you the very best for your future projects!