Statement concerning the latest round of 2U layoffs

@regis Thanks for having put this so well together – and @juancamilom & @George_Babey for your answers, which are great to hear! The type of commitment you show quickly here is exactly what the project needs right now I think - a show of commitment, and quick action to demonstrate it. Kudos! :+1:

It is indeed sad to lose project members - farewell to everyone who has contributed to make what Open edX is today. The project will keep carrying your work!

Call to Open edX companies & organizations

As mentioned above, even if it’s going to be a difficult phase, the project might end up improving because of it - in crisis there is often the seed of change. It’s an occasion to rebalance some of our practices within the project, in particular to increase the elephant factor of the project, and correct some of the distortions a low score had on the project governance.

Which does mean that in the community we will all need to pick up some of the work, especially in terms of maintenance - and in exchange, to all be able to take decisions more freely about Open edX.

@juancamilom you sum it up beautifully:

Do this now! All community members, especially organizations, should look to take further commitments - to do so, write to the email Regis gave:

OpenCraft’s additional commitments

On the OpenCraft side, we are doing the following (CC @braden @itsjeyd ):

  • Committing more core contributors to maintain parts of the project - @braden is currently reviewing repositories
  • Taking on more reviews: we will start reviewing more PRs and product proposals, to work down the pile that is starting to accumulate - @itsjeyd @ali_hugo @Cassie will help to coordinate

Changes at 2U

@George_Babey This is really good to hear :+1:

Do you know when you will have clarity on the exact parts of the project 2U will be able to keep contributing, i.e. what the proportion of the work that gets passed on is precisely?

Also, are you OK with the approach discussed in the forum thread about the maintainers working group, in terms of applying rules uniformly for all community members, regarding maintainership, core contributors and permissions?