Static Assets: Hosted Outside of Docker Container

With the help of hastexo/tutor-contrib-s3: This is a beta Tutor plugin. Use with care. ( we’re able to move all our /openedx/media/ files and host them on S3 and serve them out using Cloudfront.

Is there something similar for the /openedx/staticfiles/ or /openedx/themes/ files?

Django Static Files
I came across these articles which may help with potentially moving the /openedx/staticfiles/ to S3.

Managing static files (e.g. images, JavaScript, CSS) | Django documentation | Django (

Storing Django Static and Media Files on Amazon S3 |

The main reason to serve static file content on S3/Cloudfront would be to help speed up the page load for these static assets.

My initial thought is that on Docker image builds that these static files could be uploaded to a specific random alphanumeric named folder and then a Tutor environment variable could be used to point to the specific location on S3 to use for the Django CMS/LMS applications.

With a lot of change in how static assets are processed with Open edX, I’m concerned that this request may be too soon, but please let us know if you’re doing this already.
Reimplement edx-platform static asset processing — edx-platform documentation (

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One easy way to accomplish this would be to use cloudfront and point your origin to the standard tutor installation and set the STATIC_URL to your cloudfront endpoint.

From what I’ve seen, Open Craft’s Grove uploads the /openedx/staticfiles/ as an additional tutor job.