Stripe webhook endpoint purpose

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to get the purpose of the Stripe webhook endpoint that was added in feat: Add webhooks Stripe endpoint by julianajlk · Pull Request #3896 · openedx/ecommerce · GitHub
I only found one mention of the related setting in the documentation.

The view only logs the Stripe event data without saving/modifying any information in the e-commerce.

I wonder if the webhook setup is required and what is its role in the payment process.

I can’t tag the PR author here.

@pshiu maybe you have some insights?

Thank you in advance!

@pshiu sorry for tagging you the second time, but I don’t know who else can help me. Do you know anything about the endpoint? Or maybe you know somebody who could help?

Hi @Evgen_Dyudyunov,

Thanks for re-tagging me, and sorry I didn’t see your first post, I don’t know why I didn’t see the notification. Please feel welcome to tag me in #ecommerce in the Open edX Slack if I am unresponsive in the future.

The Stripe webhook endpoint is work we had underway to migrate the new Stripe Payment Intents payment processor in ecommerce to support asynchronous payment methods.

That work got re-prioritized, so right now this is preparatory development for a future feature.

For more information on the related Stripe feature, please see:

I’ll also raise this to my team in case I missed any information.

Hope this helps!


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