Submit and Save buttons not working on laptops

Hi everyone.

If this isn’t the correct place to ask this, please kindly redirect me.

So I set up an exam with questions taken from libraries. On desktop, everything is working as expected. However, on laptops, the Submit and Save buttons for each item don’t seem to work. They are still highlighted (not grayed out). The exact same user can submit/save on the desktop just fine. I’ve tried:

  • Different laptop makes and models
  • Windows 10 vs Windows 11
  • Different images
  • Everything on the client side is up to date
  • Remaking the exam
  • Making the exam timed vs not timed
  • Changing due date on the exam

I’m running Open EdX via Tutor on version 15.1.0 (according to “tutor --version”). If you need any logs, please let me know where to get them.

So after a little more testing, it seems that some additional resources from the internet is required.

I’m hosting Open EdX on an internal network only, no internet access. The desktops are connected to both that network and internet while the laptops are only connected to that internal network. Giving a laptop another wifi card and connecting to both networks allows it to work as expected.

I’ll try to see if I can find out what those resources are and whether I can have them available offline. Anyone else have any ideas?