Suggestion for new features

I am not a developer but an engaged user of OpenEdX (in the framework of the Swiss Mooc Services):
What I still miss in the OpenEdX platform is the possibility to have assignments, which are not graded, but are only assessed as “fulfilled/not-fulfilled”. Especially in MOOCs you are offering and inviting learners to participate in certain activities/assignments/exercises which we believe will almost for certain invoke insights and the development of certain skills. If we know, that they did these activities/assignments/exercises we can be pretty sure that they have attained these insights or skills, and we do not need to explicitly test these through graded tests. It would fully suffice if the EdX system would just automatically administer that they “fulfilled” these required activities/assignments/exercises.
If I understand the current features of the EdX assignments correctly, there is no such assignment type, which is automatically assessed as “fulfilled” if the learner has completed that activity/assignment/exercise.
If such an assignment type would exist, then this could also be used to assess automatically if a learner is qualified to start with the next step, or to enter the next “level” in the course.

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Do you mind elaborating on what you mean by “fulfilled”? As a rule, the XBlock runtime stores enough information on whether any particular instance was “completed” in a course, no matter what the grade.

You could then use subsection preprequisites, the built-in conditional module, or a custom XBlock such as eduNext’s flow control xblock to do something with the information.