Tech talk/demo: Deploying multiple Open edX instances onto a Kubernetes Cluster with Tutor

that’s the plan. i did all of the heavy lifting for the AWS implementation. hopefully there’ll be contributors who will be willing do PR’s for the other providers


Things have evolved with the Cookiecutter project, which now has its own Github Organization hosting a dozen code repos spanning the following topics:

  • the original Cookiecutter Jinja templating tool for creating AWS cloud resources and CI workflows
  • plugins for Open edX and Tutor that address various configuration requirements when running on Kubernetes
  • Github Actions needed by CI workflows that didn’t otherwise exist elsewhere
  • any repos that have been forked on an interim basis in order to address functional gaps needed to run Kubernetes
  • code sample repos for Open edX plugins and theming
  • repos that simplify and demonstrate best practices for adding a Wordpress marketing site to your Open edX installation

Subject: Implementing OpenCraft Dev Grove on Azure

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out to discuss the possibility of implementing OpenCraft Dev Grove on Azure. Our company is our non-profit organization in education sector. We just managed to setup Tutor openedx locally and we are looking for the way to implement in our Azure Kubernetes Service

As an organization dedicated to elevating the tutor openedx platform, our infrastructure is currently based on Azure. However, after watching the video posted by Braden @braden , I noticed that the demo showcased the implementation on AWS and DigitalOcean. opencraft / dev / Grove · GitLab

Considering our existing infrastructure on Azure, I would like to inquire if it is possible to implement OpenCraft Dev Grove on our Azure platform. We are already utilizing Azure services for MySQL, Mongo, and Redis, so it would be ideal to have a consistent environment. We are not sure how to use our own MariaDB or MongoDB instead of the packaged one.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, recommendations, or guidance on how we can proceed with this implementation. If you have any experience or knowledge in this area, please share your thoughts and suggestions. Additionally, if you are aware of any resources or documentation specific to implementing OpenCraft Dev Grove on Azure, kindly provide them.

Thank you all for your time and assistance. Your support is invaluable to our organization’s mission of providing high-quality education through the tutor openedx platform.

Hi @KFC_kenneth !

It is not currently possible to deploy Grove on Azure, however we’re certainly happy to collaborate with you on this. I see you reached out to us on our contact form as well-- I’ll be replying to you there, too :slight_smile:

While it isn’t currently possible, we have it on our roadmap to roll off of GitLab integration for deployments and replace it with Argo. This will bring the CI/CD work into Kubernetes itself, and then we’d just need to add OpenTofu targets for Azure alongside the existing targets for AWS and DigitalOcean. At least, that’s my understanding. @gabor is the lead for Grove and should be able to give you more details.

What I can tell you now is that we’d be happy to take pull requests and answer questions-- we’d also be happy to perform the implementation work for you if you’d like to sponsor a feature :slight_smile:

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Hi @Fox_Piacenti

Thanks for your reply and your thought. I create a post Subject: Seeking Thoughts and Suggestions for Custom Open edX Installation in Azure Kubernetes Service

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