Tutor-ecommerce forgot publishing v15.0.0

Hi Regis,

Looks you didn’t create tag v15.0.0 for tutor-ecommerce?


Everything installs fine now seems.

It took me a while to create the tag because bower.io was acting strangely…

I’m curious @insad, how did you learn so quickly about the v15.0.0 release? Is it because you are following the tutor GitHub repo? Same question for you @misilot :eyes:

Yes following the repo. Seeing also in my plugin deprecation of COMMANDS_INIT that’s not documented yet, tomorrow will fix it. Rest seems to run fine.

@regis yup I follow the release notes. It was the best way to be notified of releases :slight_smile:

I recategorized your post from Community to Development > Releases.

Please assist the community by choosing the correct topic when you post. thank you!