Tutor images building taking more than 40 minutes

Hi respected communities,
I am using tutor 15.0.1 with kubernetes. I just want to customise tutor theme etc. But the issue I am having after every single change when I build image It takes more than 40 minutes. I think I am missing something or adding extra.
Please let me know How can I minimize build time. Thanks

hello, @mehmood welcome to the community.
yes, you are right when u change a single word and then after making the build it will tack time. you are not missing anything.

my suggestion is if you use on locally so install devstack and it will not tack time too much. and u should use a tutor on production. and after all changes on devstack make a merge request in git and then tack pull on the server and then make build.

Thanks for your quick response @Yagnesh , I am using Google Kubernetes along gitlabCI. So, whenever developer edit something it takes 40 minutes plus time. I will be very thankful if you would answer according to this scenario. THanks again