I am trying to enable a LTI tool in my system, after configuring in the lms.yml file and running the migration, whatever i enable in the config file is dissapperaring,
configuring in features like this


You should create a plugin to adjust the lms.yml config files.

Take a look at this plugin for reference: Examples — Tutor documentation
It also adjusts the FEATURES in lms.yml, you can just replace "ENABLE_BULK_ENROLLMENT_VIEW": true with “ENABLE_LTI_PROVIDER”: true

Thank you @uetuluk.

@uetuluk where can i find the command line for running database migrations after changes made in the config file ?

I am not sure what you mean by database migrations in this context.

You should enable the plugin, then follow the prompt to render the new configuration by tutor config save.

Then, you can do tutor local exec lms reload-uwsgi to use the new lms.yml configuration.

i am following this


Thank you for sharing the context.

You should run tutor local init for the database migrations.

Thank you
so i need to plugin first do follow above document or just follow the document

I will re-write the documentation steps for Tutor.

  1. In the edx/app/edxapp/lms.yml file, edit the file so that it includes the following line in the features section.

This step is where you create and enable the plugin.

  1. Save the edx/app/edxapp/lms.yml file.

This step is where you run tutor config save to render the plugin.

  1. Run database migrations.

This is where you run tutor local init.

  1. Restart the LMS server.

This is done as part of the tutor local init, so you can skip this one.

Thank you
so mcuh

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