Tutor Plugin for monitoring Docker metrics with Grafana

Hello, I have created a Tutor plugin for monitoring Docker containers metrics using Grafana: tutor-contrib-monitoring.

I was looking into a way to compare performance improvement by a specific change on my dev setup and figured the only way currently is to rely on Django debug toolbar. Thats where I stumbled on using Grafana to visualise Docker container metrics like memory and CPU usage. I decided to add that functionality in a Tutor plugin.

This plugin works with local and dev environment but does not support Kubernetes as of yet. I do not have a production environment so haven’t tested it on production so you should be a little cautious if you want to you use it on production.

If you have any suggestions to add some new features then please share, I can look into those. Feel free to contribute or modify the existing behaviour. Looking into this patch file would be helpful for this. Any suggestions on how can I make it easier for people to contribute will be helpful for me as I am new to open source. Cheers!


Update: Added support for Kubernetes.

Only a few metrics are coming for now but it can be a good starting point for someone to build upon.