Tutor [Qunice]: MinIO as gateway for Azure storage Issues

Hello everyone,

Recently I have installed tutor 17.0.2 with k8s in Azure and I used tutor minio plugins by which support import course function. I have checked my Azure storage found the created buckets by the installation. However, the import course function stop and show error after upload step.
tutor k8s logs --follow cms and the error also display in frontend too
Error: An error occurred (InvalidPart) when calling the CompleteMultipartUpload operation: One or more of the specified parts could not be found. The part may not have been uploaded, or the specified entity tag may not match the part’s entity tag.

Does anyone meet this error before? And Does anyone successfully use tutor minio in Azure storage for import course? Thank you

Hello, I’ve encountered this error and discovered that the multipart error seems to be associated with the MongoDB resource used. The problem is due to the static files. It seems there is a limit on the size of files allowed to be uploaded.

You can view the thread here.

Maybe to add on a little bit more context, I’m also using tutor minio as gateway to Azure Storage.

Hi @wnnlyy,

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I am now using Azure PaaS to offload MongoDB. However, I encountered this error when I also used MongoDB pod. Because I found you mentioned [quote=“wnnlyy, post:7, topic:12640”]
When I tried importing the problematic course into another Open edX instance deployed on Kubernetes with services running as container pods, there was no import error.

Secondly, I successfully uploaded 50Mb pdf files in Files & Upload in studio. Could it be some static image files cause to this error? The tar.gz course is actually export from Canvas LMS and then use the tool converted into tar.gz format. Thirdly, the import course function is working fine when tutor local and not using minio.

May I know how is your configuration for MinIO in tutor config.yml? GitHub - overhangio/tutor-minio: This is a plugin for Tutor that provides S3-like object storage for Open edX platforms.

I would appreciate any your ideas. Thank you

Hello, this is my config for minio in tutor:

–set MINIO_GATEWAY=azure

Access level for the containers have to be set as:

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Hi @wnnlyy,

I would like to report my test case on Palm 16.1.8 and Quince 17.0.2 in Azure K8S with tutor-minio and with tutor-contrib-s3.

[1] Using Quince 17.0.2 with tutor-minio, with a nearly public access setting in Azure Storage, cms import / export course and lms instructor generate report, all not working and error logs found.

[2] Using Palm 16.1.8 still with tutor-minio, Azure Storage remain unchange, lms instructor able to generate report. cms import / export course same error in [1]

[3] Using Quince 17.0.2 with tutor-contrib-s3, AWS S3, lms instructor able to generate report. cms import course

Thank you!

Finally had the time to test it on my end, and yes, the multipart error issue is indeed due to Azure Storage (not the mongodb problem which I initially suspected). When I tried importing/exporting a course using MinIO as a container pod, there were no problems with the process.

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Will probably suggest sticking to running MinIO as a container pod to resolve the issue.

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Dear @wnnlyy,

Thanks for your information! May I know how to running MinIO as a container pod, coz I only know to the settings provided from tutor installation. Do you mean MINIO_GATEWAY in tutor config.yml Thank you


Best regard,

Yes, disable setting MinIO as a gateway to Azure Storage ( MINIO_GATEWAY: null).