Tutor static file not loading in dev mode

I am running tutor version 14.1.2 on my local machine.
I tried to setup the dev version, tutor dev start -d is working and pulling the repo from the config file.
When I tried to mount the local repo all static files were not loaded.
tutor dev start --mount=/home/ubuntu/.local/share/tutor/edx-platform lms

I have tried the build asset command but didn’t work.
tutor dev run lms openedx-assets build --env=dev

Hi @Sujil_Devkota,

Could you check if any static files currently exist in your OpenedX instance.

To do so via docker, run the following command (to get in to your docker container)

tutor local lms exec bash

After which look under lms/static and edx-platform/cms/static and see whether any of the static files are there?