Unable start tutor?

I start running both tutor local and dev environments with commands:
$tutor local start or $tutor local start -d
$tutor dev start or $tutor dev start -d

But in both cases, I’m getting errors previously I thought it was because of a network connectivity issue so, I tried 2 to 3 times but still, I’m getting the same issue.

what I’m doing wrong here?

Most likely, you are running out of memory. Please see the system requirements: Running migrations… Killed!” / “Command failed with status 137: docker-compose

How do I resolve it?

Your computer is running out of physical memory. You can solve the problem by installing a larger RAM module to increase the amount of memory available for Tutor to complete the process successfully. According to the documentation, Tutor requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM, while the recommended amount is 8GB.

Alternatively, you can try to free up memory and verify that you have at least 4GB of free memory before proceeding. You can check the amount of available memory in WSL using the command free -mh. However, Docker on Windows might manage memory differently than Ubuntu, meaning you might need more than 4GB of free memory.

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In my system, the ram is 16 GB.

The memory available to WSL is consumed completely, which is probably causing the error. According to the WSL documentation, WSL limits the amount of memory to “50% of total memory on Windows or 8GB, whichever is less”. You can configure the amount of memory available to WSL using the .wslconfig file.

You might try something like this in %userprofile%/.wslconfig:

# Increase as needed

# If swap storage needs to be increased
# swap=4GB
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