Unable to access course content after bind mounting Learning MFE fork

Hello everyone! I can’t access the Demonstration Course content after successfully bind-mounting a fork of the original learning MFE.

After trying to access the Introduction sub-module content (http://apps.local.overhang.io:2000/learning/course/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course/block-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course+type@sequential+block@edx_introduction), I will be automatically redirected to Course home instead (http://apps.local.overhang.io:2000/learning/course/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course/home). This issue doesn’t seem to occur on the default learning MFE provided by tutor-mfe.

Only mfe is enabled as a plugin. Tutor has been freshly installed. Tutor is also run at version 13.2.2 while tutor-mfe is run at version 13.0.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I tried looking at logs and reinstalling tutor to no avail. Thank you!

The latest version of Tutor is 14.2.2, and tutor-mfe, 14.0.2. Since this is a fresh install, I would recommend trying the latest versions.