Facing issue in course "view live" page to see course detail in lms

Please check the below screenshot, I just installed tutor and edx by using the below command.

  1. Activate venv
  2. pip install “tutor[full]”
  3. tutor dev quickstart

and all things are installed and all services are initialized.

and create a super user and login with that credentials in-studio side.

then create one course, and click on “view live” and it is shown an error like the below screenshot link.

the same screen I am getting in my account and profile as well.

and not receiving any error logs as well.

so anyone suggests to me what I need to do here?
I enabled the MFE plugin as well.
I tried MFE versions 13.0.5 and 13.0.4 both, one by one. please suggest to me what I need to do here.


What is the output of the following commands?

tutor plugins list
tutor --version
tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST
grep -R REFRESH_ACCESS_TOKEN_ENDPOINT $(tutor config printroot)/env

Did you modify in any way the files in ~/.local/share/tutor/env?

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