Use the translation in Transifex for Ukrainian for my Open edX site

Hello everyone!
I have just finished translating edx-platform to Ukrainian on transifex.
On transifex I see “ready to use”.
However, when I set a platform to use “uk” language - I still get almost non-translated version of open edX. It’s really frustrating as it took a month to finish the translation :wink:
As far as I understood, the translation has to be reviewed in order to use it? Do I have to become a reviewer?
Or should I do something else?
Can anyone help me with this? What do I do next?
Thank you!

If I understand correctly, the uk strings are not “ready to use” yet, but you see this status line for other languages. Correct? Please share a screenshot to better explain your situation.

Yes, this is correct. In addition, new strings will not be pulled in edx-platform until the next major release – that is, Quince. Which version of Open edX/Tutor are you running?

Pulling in @Peter_Koblyakov and @Alexandra, as it appears you are responsible for the Ukrainian locale in the translations working group.

Dear Redis,
Thank you for your answer.

  1. No, they ARE ready to use. Here is the screenshot (have no right to attach image as a new user :frowning:): Screenshot
  2. I’m running Palm. It would be great if I could review the translations so that we can use them ASAP.
    Is there any way to use them at least locally?
  3. @Peter_Koblyakov and @Alexandra, please add me to the reviewers.

Dear @regis,
can you please tell me how do I use the transifex translation in my own Tutor OpendEdx instance?
I can’t find any detailed instruction for that.
Thank you very much!

You need to download the .po files and follow this part of the docs: Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation

Thank you, @regis!
I have seen that part of docs.
But, can you elaborate on that?
There are 20 files on transifex.
How do I make django and djangojs?
Because there I only have django-partial and so on…

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