Users are logout after Deployment (k8s Open edX)

Hello all,

We set up k8s with Azure CICD pipeline.

While deployment we are doing the below activities

  1. Launching new VM
  2. Install fresh Tutor Open edX platform and create the build
  3. We are using Azure service for MySQL, Mongo, Redis, and Elastic
  4. After creating the build we pushed the image and destroyed that VM.

After the above activities, all users are logout from the platform.

Can anyone provide any pointers where things are going wrong?

@rajborisagar , I guess somehow users session are getting wipe out, after your steps
Not sure, but above could be reason of logout issue

If you restart the cache, all session will be lost. We have our own ticket for fixing this, but there should probably be one in edx-platform. We have not scheduled working on this.

UPDATE: I moved this to this new edx-platform issue: Sessions are cleared and users are logged out when cache restarts · Issue #32984 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub