Using Edx Publisher Tool

I have locally setup edx instance. I want to use the Edx course discovery service Publisher tool to create a course About Page. Following are the steps which I have tried so far:

I have created five users and included them in specific groups:

  1. Creating Users In Course Discovery Admin
Discovery Users Staff Status Included in Groups
edx_course_team_user True Internal Users, Marketing reviwers, Publishers
edx_marketing_user True Internal Users, Marketing reviwers, Publishers
edx_partener_manager_user True Partener Managers
edx_project_cordinator_user True Project Cordinators
edx_publisher_user False Publishers
  1. Adding Organization extensions
    Add edx in group named Publishers

  2. Adding Organization User Roles
    Add the following user roles for edx organization

Organization Role Organization User
Project Cordinator edx edx_proj_cord_user
Partner Manager edx edx_partner_manager_user
Margeting reviewer edx edx_marketing_user
Publisher edx edx_publisher_user
  1. Activating enable_publisher_create_course_run_in_studio switch through django admin
    Activate enable_publisher_create_course_run_in_studio swtitch from django admin.

Now when I create a course from Publisher it successfully created and as well as the course run. But this course run doesn’t create an instance of course run on studio side automatically as per the edx publisher documentation.

When I debugged this, I find the issue is Discovery counterpart for this course doesn’t exist…

Any suggestions, or guidelines where I am doing any mistake to follow the method?

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