Using mako instructions inside head-extra.html

Hello everybody,
I’m not sure if it was better to post this on development category but I preferred it to be here because it’s not about Open edX development and I believe that it is just a customization. so my apologize if I’m wrong.

Below is the content of my head-extra.html file which is placed in ‘my-theme/lms/templates’ directory:

<%namespace name='static' file='static_content.html'/>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="${static.url('css/gtc-custom.css')}" />

the problem is that the first line is in mako format and is printed as it is when the file is included in django templates (main_django.html).
Could you help me to solve this?
Is this wrong to use mako / django template instructions inside head-extra.html?

I am not really and expert here, just trying to help, but can you try setting this in the first line of the template?

## mako

That’s specified in the MakoLoader (

I’m not an expert too. but as far as I know it is not possible to include a mako template file in a django template file. So I think there should be two versions of head-extra.html. each template supposed to load its own version.
Anyone who can confirm?