Can we host studio in the same URL, without port 18010?

Hello All,
Using a separate port, 18010, requires additional configuration such as opening that port in the firewall, modifying the nginx config files twice, once for lms and then for cms (where we indicate listen 18010 ssl). instead, can we host the lms and cms in the same url, such as this:
LMS: https:///lms
CMS: https:///cms

I know that we can create a subdomain such as https://studio., but that requires an additional entry in the DNS, and sometimes DNS is not available for us to modify. for e.g., we host in an Azure VM, and Azure provides urls such as this Here I don’t have the ability to create a studio sub-domain, hence I’m forced to opt for opening up 18010 port.


@shankarab The LMS and Studio have been written with the assumption that they are at the root URL of their domain, it would likely be quite difficult to get move them to a subfolder. If you feel adventurous, you could try using proxy_pass and the sub_filter directive to map the URLs to subfolders in nginx and rewrite the output HTML to the right URLs/directories, but it might not always work well. If you do try though, let us know if that worked for you. :slight_smile: