Using Transifex to translate Open edX courses


This is a cross-post from the DevOps forum. I’m aware, that the i8on section is mostly for the localisation of the platform, so I’m hoping this question might get more traction here.

I work for a translation agency and we are translating Open edX courses for our clients. I know that Transifex is the main tool for localising the Open edX platform, but does anyone know if it also can be used to simplify the translation of the courses themselves?

Currently, we export the courses as gz.tar, unzip them and then go through all the XML and HTML files to identify translatable content, as well as look at the assets folder to identify other assets like subtitles, images with text or resource documents. We then use our own CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation tool) to translate these files. This process is quite laborious and error prone, as we have found e.g. the assets folder can include historic files, no longer linked in the course. If anyone has any experience with localising Open edX courses and would like to share best practices, it would be appreciated.

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