How to run multilingual identical courses?

Could anyone advise us on how to run a multilingual instance of edx with the same courses in multiple languages? For instance, we have an accounting course in English and one in French, and they are identical.

  1. What would be a good workflow to translate a course from language into another?
  2. And could the translations still be linked to each other?

Possibly relevant (closed and unanswered): Using Transifex to translate Open edX courses


Hi @joo

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The way I run multilingual courses is:

(1) Export the course from Studio
(2) Create a new empty course in Studio and import the previously exported course into the empty course.
(3) Translate it directly in Studio.

When you export/import a course it only carries across the content and settings, no users are exported/imported with the export file so do not import into the wrong course! :slight_smile:

hi @joo and welcome!

What @Dean mentions is about the best we have right now, which does have a big drawback of the courses not being in sync. Unfortunately there’s not a better mechanism. I also don’t know of anyone who’s done the work to export course content to a site like Transifex. I’m not sure how you’d deal with changing content in this case.

Best of luck

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